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In the 21st century, the children and young adults chosen to lead will be those who understand and practice social intelligence. Etiquette is the foundation for it all.  


Give your child the gift of the "etiquette advantage" through programs and activities created by the National School of Etiquette and Protocol.  


Amidst fresh flowers, fine china and crystal in an elegant setting, your child will learn the rules of social grace and leadership from a credentialed etiquette expert.


There is something for every age and gender.  Whether you choose to enroll your five-year old in our Butterfly and Bullfrogs workshop, enroll your daughter in one of our popular Cotillions or ensure that your soon-to-be college graduate has essential skills to thrive in Corporate America, our time-tested, valuable experiences will enhance their social and leadership skills at all phases of development. 


Click through the below offerings for the activities that will help your child take flight and thrive in his or her changing world.


Give them a headstart on life.

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