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As the First Lady of your Church,


You set the example.  For your husband, your family, your church family and community members.


Your challenges are many. You strive to keep the women's ministries effective and progressive. You work to maintain the respect and support of the membership. You know that you represent both your husband and the church. And, you carry yourself in a manner that mobilizes others to take personal ownership in the pastor's vision and mission.


Everything counts.  Your appearance, your social skills, dining skills, hosting ability, conflict resolution acumen, ability to motivate others, even the way you carry your physical self.  Members look for you to display poise, refinement and a quiet strength that defines the virtuous woman.  And, you are tasked to make it all look effortless.


This is not a role for which anyone has received formal training. However, hundreds, if not thousands, look for you to set the standard for social grace and leadership. 


The National School of Etiquette and Protocol has a series of offerings developed for your special position.  We deliver personal and group training that bring results.  Contact us regarding:


  • Personal and Professional Image Development

  • Etiquette training (one-on-one or for teams)

  • Dining Etiquette

  • Hosting Etiquette

  • Conference Etiquette

  • Teambuilding and strategic planning workshops for church ministries

  • Member retreats

  • Protocol training for hosting dignitaries

  • Our service as keynote speaker for your retreat, luncheon or special event.

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