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Cotillion Journal


The Yellow Rose is a premium junior cotillion that guides middle school boys and girls gently into adolescence, focusing on scholarship, leadership, voluntarism, etiquette and social intelligence.  More than a traditional finishing school, our instruction goes beyond the cookie-cutter experience.



Our curriculum is considered best-in-class.  And, it regularly evolves to address the needs and issues of 21st century children, as they navigate their way through a society that has become more connected and relaxed through the rise of technology, media and pop culture.

Interactive workshops, field trips, volunteer projects, scholarship opportunities and social dances provide a richer, more fulfilling season than standard programs.The season ends with a formal ball.


Manners, poise and constant use of social etiquette remain important, and are the centerpiece of our curriculum. While the Cotillion teaches the art of the "thank you" letter, dining etiquette, poise, dance and interpersonal skills, we also instruct students on the management of today's modern world issues: bullying, online reputation management, digital etiquette, peer mentorship and cultural/diversity understanding.


Amidst fresh flowers, fine china and crystal in an elegant setting, your child will learn the rules of social grace and leadership from a credentialed etiquette expert.


Parents value The Yellow Rose Junior Cotillion for the social and practical life lessons we deliver. And children enjoy it for the personal discovery and friendships they develop over the course of the season. 


The social and leadership skills learned through our courses last a lifetime and prepare children  to meet any future with poise and self-confidence.



If you would like to give the gifts of confidence, poise, and self-esteem to your child, contact us regarding participation in our next class.

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