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Team Retreats and Workshops ... Anywhere.

It's a new day in Corporate America. 


For the first time in history, the Greatest Generation, Baby Boomers, Generation X'ers and the Millennials all share the same work space.  Add to those generational differences, the diverse cultural and geographical backgrounds each person brings to work every day, and you have a team ripe for confusion and chaos. 


Without a shared understanding of successful team dynamics, collaboration, cross-generational communications, mutual respect and a team approach toward goal-setting, business results are bound to suffer.


And then, there are the clients.  They hail from across the globe.  And, they want what they want, right now.  With business moving faster, goalposts changing, and cultural demographics evolving, social intelligence has become a business imperative.


Let the National School of Etiquette and Protocol deliver custom-designed sessions  just for the needs of your team, whether onsite at your corporate headquarters or at an offsite retreat. 


Our workshops aren't just dynamic and memorable.  They work. The results are stronger, more collaborative teams, increased sales success, enhanced credibility, polished professionals, strengthened relationships and trust from clients and business partners. 


Our credentialed corporate etiquette team is equipped to bring our two most requested programs directly to you, adjusting the content  and providing a special group rate to meet your specific needs.  Contact us for more information about:


The Executive Finishing School


The S.M.A.R.T. Professional 


Onsite training or off-site retreats

Contact us about custom onsite training and off-site retreats. Our Corporate Training Team provides:

  • 45-minute speaking engagements

  • 90 minute workshops

  • 1/2 day workshops

  •  full day sessions

  • two-day trainings

  • three-day advanced workshops.


Key Topics (contact us for more):

  • Basic Business Etiquette

  • Using the Etiquette Advantage to Close Sales

  • Corporate Attire - from Boardroom Monday to Casual Friday

  • Understanding and Using Social Intelligence to Achieve Goals

  • Cross-Generational Collaboration

  • Building Blocks for a S.T.R.O.N.G. Team

  • Body Talk:  What Your Non-Verbal Cues Say

  • The Art of Client Relations

  • Cultural Etiquette

  • International Protocol (comprehensive or by culture)

  • Building Your Professional Image

  • Dining Etiquette

  • Networking Etiquette

  • Corporate Meeting Etiquette

  • Leadership Essentials

  • The New Manager

  • Your Corporate Culture and Your Place in It

  • Team Dynamics and Collaboration

  • Playing to Win

  • Selling the Invisible

  • Managing Your Online Image

  • Digital Etiquette

  • Customer/Client Relations

  • Workplace Diversity


For more information about onsite and offsite team workshops, complete our workshop request form or contact us at or at 972 804 8848.





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