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As a public figure, you are surely one who has succeeded in life, whether through academia, business, politics, sports or entertainment.


While performing your life's work, however, is someone watching your image?  Remember, it is not just the work you do in your field of excellence, but also the legacy you leave behind.  Let the National School of Etiquette and Protocol work with you, confidentially, to define your personal brand and provide coaching in social etiquette,  dining skills, personal protocol, fan and stakeholder relations, social media and philanthropy.


Our team includes a press veteran to provide media coaching, as well as a community affairs officer to help you identify and develop relationships with the agencies that could most benefit from your presence.


Contact us  for a private consultation on

  • Image and Brand Development

  • Stakeholder Relations

  • Media Coaching

  • Etiquette and Personal Protocol

  • Cultural and International Protocol





Strengthen and Protect Your "Social Brand."

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