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You have been elected president of the Junior League.  Or, maybe you are the long-term leader of a civic organization, your sorority's alumnae chapter president or chairman of the fundraising team.


Regardless of the role, hundreds are looking for you to lead with poise, grace, refinement and a level of social intelligence that brings credibility and results to your organization.


Your challenges are many. In the civic and social arena, your meetings must be effective and memorable, in order to keep members motivated.


You must keep your members united and energized.  You must select keynote speakers who will mesmerize guests attending your luncheons and specials.


And, as the primary representative, your etiquette skills must be flawless.

Today's social climate is far different from the days of old, when "best intentions" were enough.  


In the 21st century, civic and social leaders must do more.  You are expected to understand and display basic rules of etiquette, have the emotional intelligence to keep members energized and focused on your vision,  and to host meetings, special events and activities with savvy and social grace.


The National School of Etiquette and Protocol can assist you in polishing your image and strengthening your presence. Contact us to learn more about the personal development services and trainings we offer.  And, make your luncheons memorable through the empowering, mobilizing, practical and soul-stirring speeches we deliver.


The National School of Etiquette and Protocol has a series of offerings designed specifically for this arena.  Contact us regarding:


  • Personal Image Development

  • Social leadership etiquette training (one-on-one or for teams)

  • Teambuilding workshops for groups

  • Strategic planning workshops

  • Member retreats

  • Protocol training for hosting dignitaries

  • Keynote speakers who will impress and inspire your audiences, promote your brand and bring credibility to your organization.

  • Most-requested social/civic organization speeches:

    • "The 21st Century Lady Takes Her Place"

    • "Pretty is as Pretty Does" 

    • "Your Grandma was Right - Southern Art of Personal Protocol" 

    • "Where Have all the Matrons Gone?"

    • "The ART and POWER of being a(n) ___ Woman"

    • "To the Boardroom and Beyond....Oh, the Places You'll Go!"

    • "You've Made It...Now What?"

    • "Those Vices?  Turn Them into Virtues, Step-by-Step"

    • "Seeing and HEARING the Colors of Life!"

    • "Dating: Yes, Unicorns Do Exist!  Here's Where They Are!"

  • We also customize speeches to promote the theme of your event.



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