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Make Your Day Beautiful.  In Every Way.


You are preparing for what will possibly be the largest, most memorable event of your lifetime - your wedding day. Did you realize that regardless of the extravagance of your invitations venue, decorations, and reception, all eyes will be you?


Will you be the bride guests see as self-absorbed, disorganized and unaware of basic social protocol?  Or, do you wish to be fondly remembered as the beautiful, well-mannered bride who brought joy to her guests through graciousness, poise and refinement on social matters?



As society has changed, wedding etiquette has evolved.  Many of the rules, however, remain the same.  You do not want the biggest day of your life ruined by etiquette blunders.  So, let The National School of Etiquette and Protocol prepare you for what's expected.  What you can twist.  And, which rules remain firm.  Through interactive (and fun) workshops, you will discover the secrets of impeccable brides who seem to float on air without social blunder on their special day.


Contact us regarding our most popular packages.  We travel to all 50 states and can mix and match events with subject-matter topics or develop a custom workshop for your party.


  • Afternoon Tea Party with Wedding Etiquette Training*

  • Bridal Party Luncheon with Wedding Etiquette Training*

  • Formal Dining Workshop at Five Star Restaurant (Private Room)

  • Pamper Party (Spa Day with Bridal Party Roles and Responsibilities Workshop)

  • Wedding Planning Workshop (invitations, seating, receiving lines, processional, program development, reception planning)

  • The Beautiful Bride Workshop (poise, carriage, dining, receiving lines, dining, roles and responsibilities)


* Subject-matter topics include *announcements and invitations* *gift registries* *the do's and don'ts of wedding websites and social media* *virtual wedding etiquette* *appropriate attire* *roles and responsibilities of wedding party members* *the processional and ceremony* *the receiving line* *bending tradition without breaking the rules* "hosting guests* *showers and celebrations *reception etiquette* * toasts and speeches* *gifts* *the thank-you note* *tipping* *vendors* *seating at the wedding and reception* *destination wedding etiquette* *alternatives for the modern family* *the proper monogram.*









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