Collegiate Workshops

The "etiquette advantage" gives graduates the competitive edge of poise, professionalism, confidence and leadership when entering the corporate arena.  Let the National School of Etiquette provide hands-on training to your business students and undergraduates through a number of interactive workshops and assemblies that have resulted in proven success stories. 


Our certified experts have spoken in classrooms, large auditoriums and at off-site retreats for high-potential students.  Contact us about equipping tomorrow's leaders with the following skills:


  • Business and social etiquette

  • Interview etiquette

  • Dressing for success

  • The fifteen ways to create a powerful first impression

  • The Hierarchy of introductions

  • The art of the handshake

  • Dining like a Diplomat:  American and Continental Styles of Dining

  • Meeting etiquette

  • Entering and working a room

  • Business card etiquette

  • Power networking

  • Electronic etiquette and reputation management (netiquette)

  • Corporate entertaining and gifting

  • The art of diplomacy

  • The eight secrets of the world's most successful leaders

  • International business protocol

  • Public Speaking