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A butterfly can go anywhere
she wants  --  she just spreads her wings and flies!

Butterfly Season.


What a special time in life the ages 8-14 are for girls! This is a time of beautiful transformation, physically, mentally and emotionally.  As this time of growth from childhood to adolescence occurs, Butterfly Season equips 21st century girls with the tools to soar, and the wisdom and resources she needs to take charge of her rapidly expanding world.


Designed by child development experts, our successful four-week summer program guides girls gently from childhood into pre-adolescence, building etiquette, social, academic and leadership skills. The social skills learned through our etiquette courses last a lifetime and prepare girls to meet any future with poise and self-confidence.


More than a traditional finishing school, our curriculum goes beyond etiquette and social graces.  We are a rite-of-passage experience valued by parents for the practical life lessons we deliver and loved by girls for the fun, personal discovery and friendships they develop.


Classes are limited to 20 participants, to provide a rich, nurturing environment.  Each class is built around life principles and culminates with a commencement ceremony, during which area leaders recognize and celebrate the girls’ changing status in their families and communities.


If you would like to give the gifts of confidence, poise, and self-esteem to your

child, then contact us about your daughter's participation in Butterfly Season!



Now in our 12th year, Butterfly Season is expanding.  If you would like to

bring Butterfly Season to your city, please contact us here to arrange an

interview for a franchise opportunity:





Team Butterfly
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