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2017 Holiday Etiquette Camp Dates


*December 16, 2017

3:30 PM to 5 PM


Tuition: $65


Location: Murphy, TX address to be shared upon registration.

Space is limited to 10 children per session.


Just in time for the Holidays!  

"Home for the Holidays with Mrs. Layeni - Holiday Dining Etiquette" is a winter program of The Yellow Rose Junior Cotillion. It is open to boys and girls between ages seven and 17.  And, because it is held during such a special time of the year, we will end with a beautiful four-course holiday luncheon!

Amidst fresh flowers, fine china and crystal in an elegant setting, your child will learn the rules of dining etiquette, personal protocol and social grace from a credentialed etiquette expert. 

Mrs. Layeni's classes are authentic, impactful, and fun! Students have a ball mastering their growing worlds through role playing, discussion, hands-on activities and more.

Manners, poise and constant use of social etiquette remain important, and are the centerpiece of our curriculum. While Mrs. Layeni teaches the art of the "thank you" letter, she  also instructs her 21st-century students on today's modern world issues: bullying, online reputation management, digital etiquette, peer mentorship and cultural/diversity understanding. 

Key topics include:

  • Great First and Lasting Impression – posture, confidence, handshakes, eye contact, grooming and attire

  • Manners and Etiquette at Home - respect for authority, interacting with siblings, roles and responsibilities, hosting guests

  • Posture at the Table,Table Settings, Silverware Placement, Napkin Placement, Handling Utensils (American and Continental Style), Dining Do's and Dont's, Dining Dilemmas and Eating Difficult Foods, Passing Items Around the Table, Basic Table Manners, Proper Way to Butter and Eat Bread, Interacting with Servers, Excusing Yourself from the Table– Navigating the place setting, Napkin dos and don’ts, Dining conversation and polite dining.


Attire:  Holiday Formal (dresses or skirt/blouses for girls; blazers and khakis or suits for boys.  No sneakers.





Holiday dining etiquette

For 21st Century Children

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