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In Celebration of Juneteenth - Heralding the legacy, gains, contributions and excellence of African Americans across Dallas-Fort Worth.

Juneteenth Saturday - June 17, 2023

Sponsored by The Yellow Rose Juneteenth Foundation, The Dallas Historical Society, and the City of Dallas 

The DFW Legacy Awards



featuring the Barack Obama Living Legend Award - presented to Ms. Opal Lee

Philanthropist the Year
Entrepreneur of the Year 

Youth Mentor of the Year 
Principal of the Year

Educator of the Year

The Community Mobilizer Award  

The Health Sciences Award

Barrister of the Year
STEM Leader of the Year
Culinary Artist of the Year

Performer of the Year 

Event Planner/Florist of the Year

The Style Award (Fashionista of the Year)

The Corporate Neighbor Diversity Award 

HBCU Alumnae Association of the Year 

Restaurant of the Year  

Community Organization of the Year

Choir of the Year

High School Marching Band of the Year

Athlete of the Year (HS)

Athlete of the Year (Professional) 

The H.O.S.T Award (Helping Others Stand Tall)

The Horatio Alger Award 

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