Cotillions for the 21st Century 

The 21st Century Cotillion.


In today's changing world, participation in a cotillion must be more than an exercise in dance and manners.


Children in the 21st century are coming of age during a time when they are “hurried” in their emotional development by mass media images, relaxed morals in society and exposure to issues once reserved for adults. Additionally, the rise of technology has brought its own set of issues and challenges.


The National School of Etiquette and Protocol's philosophy is that in order for a cotillion to be effective, it must deliver an updated curriculum that empowers students to understand, thrive and take charge of their 21st century world and its modern-day challenges.


We have worked with teams of adolescent psychologists, certified etiquette instructors, children's advocates, civic/business leaders and mothers to update and redesign a curriculum for specific age groups. Our foundation is traditional etiquette and dance instruction.  Additionally, modern-day topics, including online image management, bullying, crisis communication and cultural/diversity awareness provide students with the tools necessary for today.


Each class is built around the principles of etiquette and culminates with a commencement ceremony. While the modules are the same for participants in all programs, the content of the modules are customized for each age group.  Key offerings are:


  • Our Yellow Rose Junior Cotillion was specifically designed for middle-school children.  Parents may enroll children in this program that builds social and leadership skills, or make a request to charter a chapter of Yellow Rose Junior Cotillion in their city.

  • The National Coterie of Debutantes is the only of its type.  During this extraordinary experience, a maximum of 15 young ladies are selected to participate in a series of workshops, activities and excursions that connect them to the best the world has to offer in social graces, arts and culture, leadership, history/heritage, voluntarism and personal responsibility.  The highlight of the Season is the Winter Rose Ball, during which debutantes are presented to society.

  • Curriculum Development for cotillions is our strength.  You may already have a team or organization in place to create a Cotillion Season.  We have the subject-matter expertise.  Contact us regarding our step-by-step cotillion project plan, which includes forms, letters, calendars, etiquette workshop instruction, marketing tactics and a presentation event-planning template.